Hosted Solutions with SCADA by Kore

The combination of aging system infrastructure, increased affordability and availability of automation technology presents a value added opportunity for industrial facilities to implement distributed solutions to significantly improve efficiency and reduce operating costs. Designed for industrial-strength deployments the hosted SCADA solution enables users to quickly assess each component of their system and simultaneously maintain a macro level system overview. Individual incidents and problems can quickly be identified and evaluated in terms of total impact on the system in real time 24/7 whether on site or logged in remotely. Once implemented, SAS is easy to scale and manage across the enterprise while maintaining robust asset management and reporting tools. Hosted solutions provides a single, streamlined solution for virtually any sized system and scope at a considerably lower cost than current market solutions.

For New Customers

Simple design and implementation allows for hassle free low cost testing

For Existing Customers

Lower cost alternative to costly customized system upgrades/updates

Instantly optimize system to industry leading standards

Competitively place business operations in industry leading position

Able to connect disparate systems together for seamless operation moving forward

Ensures that prior system maintenance and improvement challenges will be eliminated

Rapid scalability available as needed

Constant incorporation of industry best practices and top tier technology for guaranteed optimal performance

Can be implemented and tested on small portion of system for proof of concept; scalable as needed

Constant incorporation of industry best practices and top tier technology for guaranteed optimal performance


• Onsite data aggregated and hosted remotely in customized GUI for 24/7 access by managers and operators from any location with internet access
• Customized reporting designed to client specifications to display site specific operation metrics at desired frequency
• Standardized software shortens user learning curve and reduces cross platform training expense
• Remote hosting enables Kore to identify potential trouble spots before they happen and address incidents immediately as they occur to mitigate impact on operations
• Wide range of product add-ons allow for simple yet detailed customization as needed – product can conform to most process automation needs
• Availability of 24/7 monitoring and support allows customers to focus on real business and operational decisions
• Designed for forward migration and scalability – product can expand with system and contract as needed to always guarantee efficient utilization of system monitoring and operating resources

Product Benefits

• Reduced costs – Already developed base product only requires customer specified customization.
• Licensing – No licensing fees. Ever.
• Maintenance – Less equipment and software results in a lower cost to maintain.
• Unlimited Physical Customers and Access – No charge for the number of customers or access.
• Variable Pricing Options – Select the service option best for you.